FOX Bet Sportsbook App Review for iOS & Android

FOX Sports is perhaps the most well-known organization for American sports reporting and analysis. As such, it should come as no surprise that FOX Sports has created its very own app, FOX Bet Sportsbook, to take advantage of the recent legalization of sports betting.

However, we shouldn’t assume that the app is a solid product simply based on its association with FOX Sports. Here we will take a closer look at the app and how it stacks up against competition in the emerging mobile sportsbook industry.

What States Is The FOX Bet Sportsbook App Available In?

Colorado is the most recent state in which FOX Bet Sportsbook has launched. The Stars Group, the parent company responsible for developing the FOX Bet app, is currently working on licensing deals in order to grow its presence. Recent deals made with organizations like Penn National Gaming mean that the app will likely move into Mississippi, Michigan, Iowa, and more states over the next few years.

Sportsbook users should keep in mind that different states have different laws related to sportsbooks. For example, New Jersey players won’t be able to wager on college games that involve New Jersey teams. New Jersey also has nine cashiering options while Pennsylvania only has six.

Opening Bonus At FOX Bet Sportsbook Mobile App

The FOX Bet Sportsbook app advertises that you’ll gain up to $1,000 in bonus cash whenever you sign up. However, if you read the fine print, the real bonus offer is a little more complex.

How Does The FOX Bet Mobile Sportsbook Bonus Work?

The good news it that you qualify for the $1,000 bonus offer regardless of your location (as long as you’re in a state where online sports betting is legal). But you should understand that the bonus is split into two parts: a risk-free bet up to $500 and a deposit bonus of up to $500. In both cases, you need to deposit your own money first.

Let’s discuss the deposit bonus first. Basically, whatever amount you deposit will be matched by 50 percent up to $500. If, for example, you deposit $1,000 into your FoX Bet account, you’ll receive an addition $500 in site credit.

On the other hand, the risk-free bet works by insuring your first wager up to $500. So, really, the only way you’d actually get this bonus money is if your wager loses. If your wager wins, you’re free to keep the winnings, but you don’t get your wager back. Still, it’s a great cushion to try out some new bets on the app.

How Good Is The Value From The FOX Bet Sportsbook App Bonus?

The overall value from the bonuses are pretty good through and through. The risk-free bet by itself isn’t worth all that much. However, the deposit bonus is excellent. It gives you an incentive to deposit a significant chunk of change in your account right off the bat. The risk-free bet also insulates you from any unlucky first bets.

How Does The FOX Bet Sportsbook App’s Bonus Stack Up Against The Competition?

Many other top-tier sports betting apps like FanDuel will have similar opening bonuses. However, few of them split the total cash amount between two types of offers. This is pretty smart in our eyes, as it feels very monetarily valuable without forcing FoX Bet to produce a thousand bucks whenever they get a new app user.

That said, most other online sportsbooks in the US don’t offer up to $1,000 in site credit. That’s a large amount across the board. Both casual bettors and pros will enjoy this opening bonus.

What Do Other Players Think Of FOX Bet Mobile Sportsbook?

Generally, reviews for the FOX Bet sportsbook app are favorable. However, they are not as highly-satisfied as the reviews for some other mobile sportsbooks.

What People Like

  • People appreciate the quality of customer service, with queries being resolved quickly and seamlessly.
  • Others point like that there’s a wide variety of sports options, and plenty of unique promotions and odd boosts throughout each day.
  • Many other players complement the speed of the withdrawal process. Some claim that they were able to withdraw their winnings within a matter of hours, which is faster than many other mobile sportsbooks.

What People Don’t Like

  • Others don’t like the fact that some winnings can’t be withdrawn immediately after a successful wager. Many other applications do not have an established waiting period.
  • Others complain that the company’s promotions aren’t clear and use ambiguous language in their offers.

How To Download FOX Bet Sportsbook On iPhone/iOS

  • Go to the FOX Bet website on your iPhone or other Apple device.
  • Make a new account, or log in to your existing account.
  • Tap “Download Now” after being redirected to iTunes.
  • Install the app when prompted.

How To Download FOX Bet Sportsbook On Android

  • First, head to the FoxBet page for Android.
  • Click “Download now”.
  • Open the notifications bar, tap the file that comes up, and then click “Settings”.
  • Allow the download from the source.
  • Tap “Install” to complete the installation process.

FOX Bet Sportsbook: Play On Desktop vs Mobile

You can do everything you want to on the FOX Bet Sportsbook app without ever having to visit the desktop counterpart. This includes making withdrawals and deposits and claiming different promotions or bonuses. Live sporting events and live betting opportunities are easily accessible through the mobile interface alone, unlike other betting apps that make you view these things on desktop.

The mobile app does a great job in terms of speed. You’ll be able to select bets and enter them into your betting slip in an instant, making in-game betting pretty responsive. We did notice that larger pages are sometimes a bit slow to load, although stability across the mobile app and the desktop site is overall pretty good for both. You shouldn’t experience any sudden crashes, which could be disastrous.

The app is mostly blue and yellow and has a white background for an easy-on-the-eyes aesthetic. It’s not exactly cramped. Instead, every inch of space is used to its greatest extent. The layout is easy to navigate, with most of the major sport options having separate tabs. Upcoming games are featured on the homepage for easy access. Furthermore, you’ll be able to access the “Help” section and a “Live Chat” feature if you have any technical difficulties.

We also found that the buttons are almost too sensitive to the touch. Sometimes you can accidentally place a bet or click on a button you didn’t mean to just because of how responsive these are.

Overall, though, we found the mobile app to be a great experience and the web-based platform to be even more convenient. This is largely because the desktop version provides you with much more space to move around. It also lets you look at your betting slip and view the odds overview page at the same time.

What Sports Can You Bet On Using FOX Bet Mobile Sportsbook?

The FOX Bet sportsbook app provides a wide variety of sporting activities for you to enjoy. It also has a good selection of different wager types. Specifically, the app focuses on the following bet types:

  • Single match bets, including money line, totals, and point spread bets. All of these are wagers that take place over the course of a single game.
  • Multiple match bets including parlay wagers and teasers. These will require you to place at least two separate bets on a single betting slip to qualify.
  • Futures or special bets. Futures allow you to bet on the future of the league or bet on a championship winner once the regular season starts. You can also enjoy prop bets that go under special categories, enabling you to place wagers on individual players or things like which team will score first in a game instead of the game winner.

You can further find some more interesting betting choices depending on the sport. For instance, the FOX Bet Sportsbook app offers “puck line win” bets for betting on teams who will win against the puck line. Overtime betting wagers are here, too, for sports that qualify like American football. You can even bet on more specific events like NFL safety calls.

US Professional Sports At FOX Bet Sportsbook App

The standard selection of US professional sports you would expect are here, including:

  • MLB
  • NBA
  • NFL
  • NHL
  • MLS
  • Tennis
  • Golf

US College Sports At FOX Bet Sportsbook App

You’ll also be able to enjoy college sports betting activities for both basketball and football (with a few exceptions depending on state rules).

International Sports At FOX Bet Sportsbook App

There are several international sporting events you can bet on, especially for soccer. These include La Liga, Champions League, and the World Cup.

Cricket wagers are available, too. You can also bet on Korean baseball (KBO), which isn’t super common on other mobile sportsbooks.

eSports Betting At FOX Bet Sportsbook App

There aren’t any eSports wagers available through the FOX Bet sportsbook app at this time. This is standard for most mobile sportsbook apps, as only a few offer eSports bets. This may change as eSports become more popular. 

Other Sports Available At FOX Bet Sportsbook App

The FOX Bet Sportsbook app does provide other sporting wager categories, including:

  • UFC and other mixed martial arts competitions
  • Boxing
  • NASCAR and Formula 1 for motorsports

The Three Best Features Of Mobile FOX Bet Sportsbook

There are several things that set the FOX Bet Sportsboook app apart from other sportsbook apps.

FOX Sports Inside Information

This isn’t really a feature so much as it is something that permeates every aspect of the app. The FOX Bet sportsbook app is attached to FOX Sports practically at the hip. This means that the app and desktop website are constantly updated with new sports information and expert opinions.

Will all of this information help you in your moment to moment bets? It’s hard to say. However, there’s no doubt that being able to predict how a season will turn out will be a lot easier when you have all this insider information at your fingertips.

The app’s connection to FOX and all the extra insider information that comes with it is one of the main reasons why this sports betting app stands out.

One-Touch Betting Slip

The FOX Bet sportsbook app’s betting slip is pretty well-made. You can make a bet by touching the odds once, which will plug in your bet slip instantaneously.

When you look at your “My Bets” page, you’ll be able to see any active bets you currently have, as well as an overview of your betting history. This allows you to review your betting performance. You can figure out ways in which you can improve or where you need to be a little more careful.

This feature will likely be much more appreciated by hobbyist bettors or those who plan to use the app pretty consistently. But even casual players might get a kick out of looking over their past and current bets and reviewing favorite moments when they won big.

Super Boosts

These are a variety of odds-boosting promotions that several other sportsbook mobile apps bring to the table. In a nutshell, the FOX Bet sportsbook app will occasionally feature super-boosted odds and even better payouts for predetermined parlay bets. These are available to virtually all players and are usually announced on the app’s main screen, so they’re easy to find.

We really like this since it’s a way to engage with the app in a slightly more interesting way than normal. Again, this will probably be of greater use to players that use the app frequently instead of casual bettors. Still, it’s a modern and useful feature and it does a lot to spice things up when normal wager types have started to lose their appeal.

Can You Also Play Casino Games On FOX Bet Mobile Sportsbook?

Yes. The Fox Bet Sportsbook app does have a casino feature on the mobile app that you can access in either New Jersey or Pennsylvania. These are the states that allow online casinos for real money without exceptions. Since the app’s parent company is also responsible for PokerStars, a well-known online poker app, it’s no surprise that the online casino experience is pretty high quality.

You’ll be able to sign up for the online casino and make a deposit pretty easily. You can make your deposit via the sportsbook account or vice versa. Switching your total gambling pool around is simple depending on the activity you want to participate in.

You’ll also benefit from opening bonuses like a $500 match deposit for all casino games. There are three casino game categories for you to choose from: slot games, card, table games, and live dealer games. Of the available live dealer games, you can find roulette, blackjack, and baccarat. There are 20 other card game options in total and over 170 different slot games to try and enjoy.

The online casino’s interface is pretty clean and intuitive. Swiping through a variety of slot games is quick, efficient, and benefits from a large visual design so you can see the icons for the slot games even as you scroll past quickly. Most of the games also benefit from good graphics and smooth animations. Even better, returning to your Fox Bet Sportsbook app is as simple as tapping the menu bar at the top left corner of the screen.

FOX Bet Sportsbook App FAQ

Who’s in charge of regulating FOX Bet Sportsbook’s casino?

It depends on whether you’re playing in New Jersey or Pennsylvania. The New Jersey side of things is regulated by the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement. The Pennsylvania casino app is regulated by the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board.

Can you bet on eSports or digital competitions using the FOX Bet sportsbook?

Not at this time.

Do you need to make a deposit to bet on the FOX Bet sportsbook?

Yes. You need to make a $10 minimum deposit to open an account and to qualify for the opening bonuses on the sportsbook app.

What’s the legal age for playing on the app?

As with most other betting activities, you need to be 21-years-old or older to play on the sportsbook.

Is FOX Bet sportsbook a legitimate app?

Yes. It’s licensed and regulated, and it’s connected to the FOX Sports organization and brand.

What games are available on the app?

The FOX Bet mobile sportsbook has a variety of games, including a ton of US professional and college sports. It also offers casino games like slots or live table games.

Final Thoughts About The FOX Bet Sportsbook App

All in all, the FOX Bet mobile sportsbook is a great app for most. While it doesn’t have quite the variety or reputation of older and bigger sports betting apps, it’s well on its way to becoming a major competitor in the industry.

For existing FOX Sports fans, this app has a lot to offer. For general sports betting enthusiasts, it’s a worthy alternative to the other choices.