Michigan Sports Betting Apps: When will Mobile Sportsbooks Launch?

Is Sports Betting Legal in Michigan?

On December 20, 2019, Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer signed the Lawful Sports Betting Act,  legalizing online and in-person sports betting statewide. However, although these activities are now legal, state officials have not yet nailed down the rules of operation.

Once the Michigan Gaming Control Board (MCGB) finalizes operating rules, it will distribute licenses to sports betting operators, and players will then be allowed to partake. According to MichiganSharp.com’s sports betting app tracker, it is believed that sports betting apps will launch in late 2020 (November/December).

Below, we’ll break down everything there is to know about online sports betting in Michigan, so that you’ll be ready to go when the apps are finally available.

Michigan Sports Betting Apps Launch

Michigan sports betting apps will launch as early as November 2020. Here is a list of apps we believe will be available at launch and shortly thereafter.

  • FanDuel Sportsbook
  • Draftkings Sportsbook
  • Golden Nugget Sportsbook
  • PointsBet
  • BetMGM
  • William Hill

The Top Online Sports Betting Apps In Michigan

Since the lineup for different mobile sports betting apps in Michigan hasn’t been finalized, we can’t tell you which are the best. However, we can make educated guesses, based on current deals with various casinos, which apps will likely be the first to cross the line.

In addition, some of the likely operators are already well-known and popular. Here are a few of the sports betting apps we believe will make an appearance in Michigan in the coming months:


The DraftKings app is pretty small in size despite being arguably the premier mobile sports betting app in the entire industry. It’s 254.8 MB for iPhones and 85.6 MB for Android devices.

What Can You Bet On?

DraftKings allows its players to bet on a variety of collegiate and professional sports. Unlike most sportsbook apps, DraftKings allows betting on eSports. There are plenty of American league options (like the NFL and NBA) as well as international sports like rugby and cricket.

Interesting Features

The DraftKings mobile sportsbook has some unique features such as early cash out. You can use this to exit a bet if it doesn’t look like it’ll go your way. For those who like to things exciting, you can participate in special betting pools and promotions that occur daily and weekly.

Recent App Updates

DraftKings usually rolls out a couple of app updates every month.


This mobile sportsbook is even smaller than DraftKings, measuring in at just 65.9 MB for iPhones and 13 MB for all other devices.

What Can You Bet On?

You’ll be able to bet on most major sports activities and leagues, like baseball, basketball, and American football. PointBet also provides some international sports betting options (though not quite as many as DraftKings).

Interesting Features

The most interesting feature here is the “Points Bet” function that allows you to apply your winnings to special spread bets. You’ll be able to wager different amounts based on how to far you are from the published spread.

Recent App Updates

Updates for this app usually roll out about once a month. Most major updates involve adding special parlay boosters that come with improved odds for parlay bets.


FoxBet is 166.6 MB for iPhones and just 90 MB for Android devices. In terms of size, it’s about middle of the pack compared to other sports betting apps.

What Can You Bet On?

FoxBet provides tons of typical bets and a fairly wide variety of different sporting leagues. Single match bets, futures and special bets, and more are all available for a spread of professional and collegiate leagues. These leagues include American football, baseball, tennis, and golf. International leagues are also available, along with NASCAR and UFC.

Interesting Features

FoxBet has a one-touch betting feature that allows you to bet quickly and easily when you see an tempting wager. Your betting performance is also recorded on your betting slip to help you maximize your winnings over time. On top of that, the app’s connection to Fox Sports means that users have unique access to sports data and statistics.

Recent App Updates

Most of FoxBet’s updates are small bug fixes and performance improvements. They tend to come around at least once every few months.

What Devices Work With Online Sports Betting Apps In Michigan?

Thankfully, all of the aforementioned apps are available for download on both iPhones and Android devices. The big thing to remember is that the installation process differs for each type of device.

If you ever have trouble using a mobile device, keep in mind that all mobile sportsbooks can be played through desktop browser as well. Most sportsbooks allow for easy transition between the app and desktop interface.

Desktop Versus App Experience At Michigan Mobile Sportsbooks

Mobile and desktop interfaces for sportsbooks tend to be be relatively similar to one another. In most cases, the mobile apps are just mobile-optimized versions of the desktop interface so that they work better with smaller screens. Meanwhile, the desktop experience usually just includes more information fitted onto a larger screen. Occasionally, they also feature live feeds. Sometimes the app is actually superior.


For example, DraftKings has a better app compared to its desktop page. The app provides betting pools that you can only access with the mobile device. It also doesn’t suffer from laggy performance or rendering issues, while the main web page does.


The PointsBet app has a particularly user-friendly and intuitive interface. You can use it to bet on anything, just like the desktop interface. The points bet system works wonderfully on both interfaces.

The app’s downside is that the front page doesn’t fit nearly as much information on its screen as the desktop interface. When you wager on a sport, you’ll have to select the sport from the bottom menu, which will then fill your entire screen.

Overall, both mobile and desktop sports betting experiences are robust and easy to enjoy. It’s always a good idea to consider trying an app before committing tons of money. Generally, mobile sportsbooks are better for:

  • Checking on and placing wagers throughout the day while you’re away from home
  • Making short-term wagers that crop up on the spot
  • Enjoying unique betting pools (in the case of DraftKings)

Desktop sports betting pages are ideal for:

  • Streaming live feeds of current games
  • Using a larger betting slip with more information at a glance
  • Enjoying better control and a larger screen size

How To Download Online Sports Betting Apps On Your iPhone In Michigan

Downloading a mobile sportsbook on your iOS device is a simple and straightforward process.

  1. Go to iTunes or the App Store on your device.
  2. Type the name of the mobile sportsbook you want to download into the search bar.
  3. Click “Download”. That’s it, you’re ready to go!

How To Download Online Sports Betting Apps On Your Android In Michigan

The downloading process for online sportsbooks to Android devices will be a little more complicated when they roll out in Michigan. Google technically doesn’t allow any gambling apps, and they run the Google Play store. Still, you can download the sports betting apps right from the main operator’s website.

  1. Type the name of the mobile sportsbook you want to download into Google (or whatever other search engine you use).
  2. Go to the official website of that sportsbook. Somewhere on the main page, there should be a button that says “Download for Android”.
  3. Click that button, and your Android device will download a .apk file.
  4. When the site prompts you for permission to access your phone, click “Allow”.
  5. The file will download, and installation should begin immediately.

How To Register For An Online Sportbooks App In Michigan

Although the exact rules for mobile sports betting in Michigan haven’t been finalized, registering for any of these online apps will likely follow the same format as other states. Here’s the typical process:

  1. Create an account on the mobile app or website for your mobile sportsbook of choice.
  2. Provide some basic identifying information including your name, the last four digits of your Social Security number, and your birthdate (to verify that you are over 18-years-old).
  3. Attach a debit card or bank account to your new sports betting account for funding and withdrawal.

Unlike states like Nevada and Illinois, Michigan players won’t need to visit a brick-and-mortar casino to finalize the registration process.

Standard Bonuses At Michigan’s Legal Online Sports Betting Apps

Online sports betting apps usually offer opening bonuses as a way to entice people to join. These often provide players with site credit to begin betting right away.

Free Bets/No Deposit Bonuses

No deposit bonuses or free bets are incredibly common. When you join, you’ll be gifted with a small amount of site credit for betting. DraftKings, for example provides a $25 no deposit bonus. This gives you $25 in credit to experiment with betting on the site.

What Are Typical Bonus Sizes?

These bonuses are usually between $10 and $40.

Any Key Terms And Conditions You Should Be Aware Of?

Most free bet bonuses have expiration dates, so be sure to use them quickly. Expiration dates are usually set for a few weeks up to a month after making your account.

Risk-Free Bets

Risk-free bets allow you to wager without risking your initial deposit up to a certain value. PointsBet, for example, provides a $200 risk-free bet. This means you can wager with certain sports for up to $200 and, if you lose, you will be refunded that amount in site credit.

What Are Typical Bonus Sizes?

These bonuses commonly go up to a few hundred dollars.

Any Key Terms And Conditions You Should Be Aware Of?

Keep in mind that you’ll likely have to spread out the total amount across multiple bets. A risk-free bet of $200, for example, might be spread across four $50 bets. Furthermore, you can’t withdraw your winnings until you play through it a few times. This prevents people from getting free money by making accounts over and over.

Deposit Match

Deposit match bonuses come from the sportsbook operator, which will match your initial deposit up to a specific amount. DraftKings has a $500 deposit match bonus. This means that if you deposit $500 upon signup, you’ll have a total of $1,000 in betting money.

What Are Typical Bonus Sizes?

These bonuses are usually around a few hundred dollars or so but can vary dramatically from operator to operator.

Any Key Terms And Conditions You Should Be Aware Of?

You can’t withdraw any winnings you get from betting with the deposit match bonus until you play through it a few times. In addition, many operators spread out the full amount across multiple wagers instead of letting you bet it all in a single lump sum.

Ways To Bet At Michigan’s Online Sportsbook Apps

Moneyline Bet

Moneyline wagers are the most simple type of bet, and they are common to all sports betting apps. It is simply a prediction of who is most likely to win a game. 

Proposition (Prop) Bet

Proposition bets deal with events that take place during the game instead of who wins the overall contest. For instance, you can bet on whether a particular player will make a goal, be MVP, or be struck out during a baseball game.

Parlay Bet

Parlay bets are sequential bets in which you wager on the outcome of multiple games in a row. You only win the overall bet if you win games in the right order. For instance, you can bet on whether a particular team will win the next three games in their season. PointsBet offers particularly long wagers of up to 12 legs for a single parlay bet.

Other Types Of Bets

Some mobile sports betting apps in Michigan will undoubtedly offer original, app-specific wager types. The points bet system on PointsBet is a great example of this.

Does Michigan Allow Legal Online Casino Or Poker Apps?

Technically, yes. These activities are currently legal, but there aren’t any operators currently available in the state. They are facing the same legislative slowdowns as online sports betting operators but we expect online casino apps to launch in a similar timeframe.

FAQ: Legal Online Sports Betting Apps In Michigan

Who’s in charge of regulating the legal sports betting apps in Michigan?

The Michigan Gaming Control Board (MGCB) will be responsible for regulating these apps.

Is there a big difference between sports betting apps and fantasy sports apps in Michigan?

Yes. DFS apps are already operating in Michigan (even though they only technically became legal recently with House Bill 4311).

What online sports apps can you find right now in Michigan?

None. That’s because Michigan’s legislators are still finalizing the operating rules for mobile sports betting apps even though brick-and-mortar sports betting has already begun.

Does DraftKings currently operate in Michigan?

No. However, they’ll likely launch their sports betting app in conjunction with their fantasy sports app once the operating rules are finalized.

Is it possible to use your credit card to fund your online sportsbook account in Michigan?

Yes. Most operators will accept major credit and debit cards.

Will legal online sportsbook apps be available in the Google Play Store in Michigan?

No. Google doesn’t allow gambling apps, so you’ll still need to download your choice app directly from the sportsbook operator’s website.