Average App Store Review Times

From March 2011 until March 2019 this site aggregated and averaged crowdsourced data on the length of time that app review for the iOS and Mac App Store took. From the very start of the App Store, until May 2016 the length of an app review was often very lengthy, causing problems for developers trying to schedule releases or set the expectations of their clients. This site was set up to track average review times so that developers could plan their releases with a little more confidence.

Want to know why the site was shut down? Or read the history of it? This note explans everything.

These days, it takes about one day for Apple to review an app or update submitted to the iOS or Mac App Store. It doesn’t matter if it’s a new app or just a minor new version. It doesn’t matter whether it’s paid, free, uses in-app purchases, or subscriptions. It doesn’t matter if the developer is an small company or a multi-national corporation. It doesn’t matter what category of the App Store it’s listed in. It simply takes about one day for the vast majority of apps to be reviewed.

Has your app review taken more than one day? It happens, but it’s probably not a sign that the average review time is increasing. Maybe your app triggered an extended review, or perhaps something is causing some discussion internally. If you think there’s a problem, you can contact the App Store review team.