Tennessee Sports Betting Apps 2020

Is Sports Betting Legal in Tennessee?

Tennessee became one of the most recent states to fully legalize online sports betting in spring 2019. In an interesting twist from the ordinary, the state will allow the operation of online sportsbook apps but not brick-and-mortar sportsbooks.

Tennessee sports betting apps launched on November 1, 2020. Players are able to place wagers anywhere within Tennessee borders so long as they do so through a legal online sportsbook operator.

Live Tennessee Sports Betting Apps

Tennessee sports betting apps officially launched on November 1, 2020. Here is a list of apps that are currently available to download and start betting in TN.

An in-depth look at the Top TN Online Sportsbook Apps

We expect a large number of online sportsbook apps to show up over the next year in Tennessee. While no sportbook apps have yet launched, we can make a few educated guesses as to which top apps are likely to make an appearance in the market. These guesses are based on the popular operators in other states and current gambling agreements within Tennessee.

DraftKings Sportsbook App

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The DraftKings mobile sportsbook is likely to be one of the first big mobile sportsbooks in Tennessee. That’s because its daily fantasy sports app already operates in the Volunteer State, which would likely make the transition fairly simple. Basically, since DraftKings already has the infrastructure and customer base to start offering online sports betting in Tennessee, all it has to do is pull the trigger.

Download Size

The DraftKings mobile sportsbook is only 254.8 MB for iPhones or iOS devices and 85.6 MB for Android devices.

What Can You Bet On?

You’ll be able to place wagers on virtually every professional sport in the book, plus several college-level leagues and international sports. Unlike most other mobile sportsbooks, DraftKings also has eSports betting opportunities available.

Interesting Features

There’s a lot to like about this top sportsbook app, especially since it’s one of the most popular currently in operation. DraftKings offers an early cash-out feature in case you want to bow out of a bet and maintain your winnings. Excitingly, the mobile app also offers unique betting pools that are not available to desktop users.

Recent Updates

Updates come multiple types a month and usually focus on bug fixes and performance improvements. 

FanDuel Sportsbook App

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The FanDuel sportsbook is the primary rival to DraftKings. Like DraftKings, FanDuel also already has a presence in Tennessee with its daily fantasy sports app. Name recognition is definitely one thing that FanDuel has going for it. It’s been operating in neighboring Mississippi for some years now as well, so most Tennessee sports bettors are likely familiar with the app and will jump to download it once it’s available.

Download Size

The FanDuel mobile sportsbook is only 22.6 MB in size, making it one of the smallest online sportsbooks you can find.

What Can You Bet On?

This app has all kinds of excellent features that make it worth your while. It offers tons of betting markets for big American professional leagues, including baseball, basketball, and football. But it also offers several international leagues and wagering opportunities.

Interesting Features

FanDuel’s betting slip is particularly noteworthy, as you’ll be able to place the same wager across multiple bets or markets at the same time. Thus, it’s one of the easiest to use mobile sportsbooks on the market. We also like the live betting interface.

Recent Updates

Updates also come for this app a few times per month to squash bugs and add small improvements.

Caesars Sportsbook App

Caesars is another likely online sportsbook we expect to show up in Tennessee borders sooner rather than later. That’s because lots of Tennesseans live pretty close to a Caesars brick-and-mortar casino, so the operator will likely take advantage of this name recognition and offer its mobile sportsbook.

Download Size

This mobile sportsbook is only 41.9 MB for iOS devices and just over 24 MB for Android devices.

What Can You Bet On?

Caesars lets you place wagers across a variety of betting markets, including professional football, hockey, baseball, international soccer and rugby, and much more.

Interesting Features

Caesars has a custom app interface that allows you to make unique parlay bets instead of having to choose from the wagers the operators themselves offer. 

Recent Updates

Updates are relatively infrequent, but when they do show up, they’re to boost mobile performance. The last update was in August 2019.


What Devices Work With Tennessee’s Online Sportsbook Apps?

Again, we aren’t completely sure which mobile sportsbooks will be available when the actual rollout begins. However, the majority of online sportsbooks these days come in both iOS and Android versions. You should be able to enjoy any Tennessee mobile sportsbook on iPhones, Apple tablets, and any kind of Android mobile device regardless of the original manufacturer. 

Furthermore, most mobile sportsbooks also have desktop versions of their app. You can use the desktop platform to enjoy a bigger screen and live wagering, or see more information at once.

The Desktop Experience Versus The App Experience At Tennessee’s Mobile Online Sportsbooks

We expect Tennessee’s mobile sportsbook apps to provide similar mobile and desktop experiences compared to the apps already available in other states.

Put simply, most mobile sportsbook interfaces prioritize ease-of-use and smooth operation instead of crowding your screen with tons of information. The majority of mobile sportsbooks, including the DraftKings and FanDuel sportsbooks, have betting slips that you can call up from the bottom of the screen at any time. This design allows you to add or remove wagers from your slip as the day progresses. 

Most mobile sportsbooks also have either left-hand or top-of-the-screen selections for different leagues, betting markets, or bedding types. The top of the screen is where you’ll normally find access to the app’s online casino (Although TN will not have online casinos like NJ, PA, and Michigan) and other screens, like your main account screen.

Regardless, virtually all mobile sportsbook apps focus on ensuring that the app never lags or stutters. Desktop apps are designed with their larger screens in mind. They often have more complex interfaces with more detailed betting odds and sports information displayed at a single time.

Furthermore, some mobile sportsbooks only allow you to enjoy live streaming with the desktop interface (though not all). Desktop apps may have your betting slip come from the side of the screen instead of the bottom.

Either way, both mobile and desktop versions of sportsbook apps should be fairly similar to one another in terms of both layout and aesthetics. Some have a few key differences. For instance, the DraftKings sportsbook has a few promotions and bonus wagers only available to users of the mobile app.

How To Download Online Sportsbook Apps On Your iPhone In Tennessee

Downloading any online sportsbook from your iPhone in Tennessee will be easy. This is because Apple’s App Store, unlike Google Play Store, does allow gambling apps on its platform.

  1. Start by visiting iTunes or the App Store and typing in the name of your chosen mobile sportsbook.
  2. Then, click “Download” or “Get”.
  3. Downloading and installation should occur automatically.

How To Download Online Sportsbook Apps On Android Devices In Tennessee

Downloading an online sportsbook for an Android device is a little more user intensive. That’s because Google doesn’t allow any gambling apps on its proprietary Play Store.

  1. To start, type in the name of your chosen sportsbook into a search engine.
  2. You’ll need to navigate to the main operator website for the sportsbook.
  3. Locate a “Download” link for Android devices.
  4. A .apk file should begin downloading automatically.
  5. You may need to go into your phone or device’s settings, and manually allow permission from that website.
  6. After doing so, the .apk file will download, and installation should begin automatically.

How To Register For An Online Sportsbook App In Tennessee

Registering for an online sportsbook app in Tennessee will be incredibly easy since there won’t be any brick-and-mortar sportsbooks to check in with. Some states require an in-person visit to a casino to finish registration, but not here.

Instead, players will be able to register entirely online and from the comfort of their own homes. All you’ll need to do is provide some personal information to finalize the registration process. This information will include:

  • your Social Security number.
  • the full address of your home in Tennessee.
  • your date of birth (to verify that you meet the minimum age requirement).

Additionally, the Tennessee sportsbook apps may require you to download geo-tracking software or widgets. These will basically make sure that you are actually within Tennessee borders when you use the apps, thereby ensuring that you don’t break the law by using the mobile sportsbooks outstate state lines.

All in all, it’s looking like the registration process for mobile sportsbooks in Tennessee will be fairly quick and easy compared to what you have to go through in many other states.

Standard Bonuses At Tennessee’s Legal Online Sportsbook Apps

In order to entice new players, many Tennessee mobile sportsbooks will likely offer opening bonuses. These bonuses may provide site credit or free bets that make starting a sports betting account with the app in question easy, even with a relatively low deposit.

No-Deposit Free Bets

A no-deposit free bet is exactly what it sounds like. It’s an offer for one or more free wagers without having to make a deposit. These are typically given by a sportsbook as soon as you finish registering an account. A great example is Caesars Sportsbook, which provides $10 in site credit to use with one or more smaller wagers.

What Are The Typical Bonus Sizes?

Since these wagers are totally free, the bonus sizes are usually small (often between $10 and $50).

Are There Key “Terms And Conditions” To Be Aware Of?

Most no deposit free bets will expire if you don’t use them relatively quickly (i.e. within a couple of weeks of signing up). You also normally can’t combine any free bet credits with other bonuses. Some places may require you to spend your free wagers on certain bets or markets.

Deposit Matches

A deposit match bonus is applied whenever you make a deposit into your account initially. A mobile sportsbook operator offering this bonus will match your deposit up to a specified maximum. For example, DraftKings offers a $500 deposit match. If you deposit $500 into your account, it will match your deposit with $500 in site credit for a total starting amount of $1,000.

What Are The Typical Bonus Sizes?

These bonuses can vary dramatically inside. Some operators only offer small deposit match bonuses of around $100 while others may go up to $500.

Are There Key “Terms And Conditions” To Be Aware Of?

Most deposit match bonuses have some strings attached. In the above DraftKings example, you can’t withdraw that credit in cash, and you must play through it a certain amount of times before you can withdraw any winnings. Other restrictions, like using the full deposit match amount across multiple wagers instead of a single large wager, may also apply.

Risk-Free Bets

A risk-free bet guarantees your money back in the form of site credit if you lose your wager. For example, FanDuel offers $500 risk-free, meaning that you will refunded the full amount if you lose those wager(s).

What Are The Typical Bonus Sizes?

These bonuses can also vary in size but are often between $100 and $500.

Are There Key “Terms And Conditions” To Be Aware Of?

These risk-free bonuses often only apply to all double, all value bets. You won’t always get $500 in to use for a single bet, for example.

Ways To Bet At Tennessee’s Online Sportsbook Apps

While we can’t know for sure exactly what wagers will be available at Tennessee’s future mobile sportsbooks, here are a few major bet types that are normally represented across all sportsbook apps.


A moneyline wager is incredibly basic. With this bet, you wager on which team will win a match.


A prop or proposition wager means you have to bet on several events that take place within a game. These don’t necessarily affect the overall game outcome. You might, for example, wager on whether someone hits a home run, makes a touchdown, or makes a three-point shot in basketball.


A parlay bet is a successive wager where you bet on multiple victories in a row. You must win each parlay “leg” in succession to win the total pool for the wager. A basic example is betting on the winner of a series of games during the season.

Other Ways To Bet

Some sportsbook operators may offer additional unique betting opportunities. For instance, FanDuel will allow you to wager on NFL football and place bets on who scores the first touchdown or point margins.

Other sportsbook apps might offer “futures” wagers. These allow you to bet on future events or game victories. You might also be able to bet on “point spreads”, which involves betting on how many points are won or lost across a season or an individual game.

Does Tennessee Offer Legal Online Casino Or Poker Apps?

No. Tennessee has particularly broad laws regarding gambling activities. Tennessee outlaws activities that risk “anything of value for a profit whose return is contingent on chance, not including lawful business transactions”.

This categorically outlaws online casinos and poker apps. However, you can still enjoy social casinos and poker apps like Chumba Casino, LuckyLand Slots, and Global Poker. These social online apps use sweepstakes models to remain legal even under Tennessee’s strict anti-gambling legislation.

FAQ: Legal Online Sports Betting Apps In Tennessee

How old will you need to be to play at Tennessee’s legal sportsbook apps?

You’ll need to be 21-years-old to play at any legal online sportsbook apps in Tennessee once they go live.

Does DraftKings have a sportsbook app in Tennessee at the moment?

No. However, it does have a daily fantasy sports app in operation.

Who will be in charge of regulating legal sportsbook apps in Tennessee?

The Tennessee Education Lottery Corporation is currently overseeing the final stages of sports betting regulation and will regulate any future legal sports betting apps in the state.

Is there a big difference between sportsbook apps and daily fantasy sports apps in Tennessee?

Somewhat. Many current daily fantasy sports apps (i.e. DraftKings) will likely use the same basic infrastructure to offer sports betting. Daily fantasy sports have been legal in Tennessee for quite some time since it’s technically not an activity of pure chance.

Can use your credit card to play at Tennessee’s legal online sportsbook apps?

Yes. You will likely be able to use your credit card, alongside additional payment options like debit cards, PayPal and other electronic wallets, and even direct bank transfers.

Will legal online sportsbooks be available in the Google Play Store?

No. Google doesn’t allow any gambling apps whatsoever in its proprietary store. Android players will need to visit the operator’s official website to download the app.