App Screenshots – The Guidelines and Best Screenshot Tools

App screenshots from the Youtube iOS app

Once you have developed an app you need to find ways to market it. While you can write a short description, this doesn’t always allow users to fully understand what your app is about. Because of this, it’s crucial to implement app screenshots.

Below you’ll discover some of the best practices and guidelines to use when making them. You’ll also find the top sites and tools that will help you make creative and eye-catching screenshots.

8 Best Practices to Follow for App Screenshots

App screenshots from the Wish iOS app

When submitting an app screenshot you’ll want to keep a few things in mind.

Display Your App’s Message in the Main Screenshot

For best results, you’ll want to make sure to display your app’s core message in the first screenshot. This will help visitors quickly see what your app stands for.

However, because it’s the first thing people will see, make sure the screenshot is creative. This way, it will capture someone’s attention and make them want to learn more.

Keep Things Simple

It can be easy to go overboard with the design of the screenshots, but it’s best to stay simple with them. If you have too much going on it can overwhelm the viewer which could cause them to pass by your app. Ideally, you should include a clean background that has your app’s main message written in various areas around it.

Create a Story with Them

Another good practice to consider implementing is to create a story with your screenshots. Many major brands include a few screenshots that read together in a sequence. This has been shown to not only interest a potential user, but help them fully understand what your app is about.

Check the Quality

You always want to make sure that the screenshots you use are of the highest quality. If the pictures are fuzzy or difficult to read, it will turn users away. In addition to this, it makes your app look very unprofessional, something that can destroy all the hard work you put into it.

Have at Least Five Available

Some developers are hesitant to include more than two screenshots because they feel that they give away their app. However, providing at least five screenshots can interest more users because they’ll get a feel of what your app is about. This can help catch the attention of more visitors and result in a higher conversion rate compared to if you only provided one or two screenshots.

Add a Video

In one of your screenshots you might want to include a video. A video preview can actually help potential users understand what your app is and how it works.

In addition to this, it allows you to add more information about your app that might otherwise be missed due to a lack of space. Most app videos can last anywhere from 10-30 seconds so you’ll have plenty of room to include unique aspects about your creation.

Check the Dimensions

Your screenshot might look perfect, but if it doesn’t fit the correct dimensions, could end up looking fuzzy or being cropped. To prevent this, it’s important to check the app store’s screenshot submission guidelines to ensure they will upload properly.

Use an App Screenshot Aggregator

Another important thing to do is check your competitor’s screenshots. This will give you an idea of how they are presenting themselves so you can design your screenshots accordingly.

One tool that might be of use is scrnshts. You can choose the category your app is in and be given numerous examples of similar published screenshots.

Best Sites, Tools & iOS Screenshot Makers for Awesome App Screenshots

App screenshots from the Gmail  iOS App

Nimbus Screenshot & Video Recorder

This option is a Chrome extension and can be used to create screenshots for a variety of different platforms. Nimbus Screenshot & Video Recorder will take high-quality screenshots which you can then edit. You’ll also be able to annotate screenshots, create GIFs, and take screencasts.


CloudApp is thought to be one of the top screenshot tools for Mac, iOS, Chrome, and Windows. After downloading CloudApp you’ll be able to capture some of your app’s best shots and even use its annotation tool for editing. In addition to photos, CloudApp lets you record videos that can be used to create GIFs.

Screenshot Designer

Screenshot Designer will help you make eye-catching screenshots for Mac and iOS devices within seconds. This tool provides numerous templates that you can add images to and then change the color scheme or background.

App Screenshot Maker

App Screenshot Maker was created by AppInstitute and can be used to make exquisite screenshots for both Apple and Android devices. You can use this free tool to customize the colors and backgrounds of the screenshots.

App Screenshot Builder

Designed by Applaunchpad, this screenshot tool allows you to design a variety of different layouts for your screenshots. While it only permits you to create five screenshots at a time, it does let you easily customize your creations and adjust them for a handful of different device platforms.

App screenshots are incredibly important to utilize if you hope to have users download your app. By keeping the guidelines, sites, and tools mentioned above in mind, you can be sure that you’ll be able to design interesting screenshots for your app.

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