Mac App Store - Raw Data

This is the raw data collected from Twitter and using the hash tag #macreviewtime. Included in this data is any review times submitted directly. This table shows the data collected in the last 30 days.

This site is only made possible by people like you contributing review durations. Please contribute your latest review.

Last 30 days
Username Days Date Source
@erikaderstedt 1 Yesterday at 9:31pm Twitter
@copylessnet 1 19th Feb at 2:02pm Twitter
@econriver 1 17th Feb at 2:24pm Twitter
@StormeApp 17th Feb at 5:57am Twitter
@Cool_Hector 2 10th Feb at 2:10pm Twitter
@Cool_Hector 2 10th Feb at 2:09pm Twitter
@sungiftgames 3 10th Feb at 8:27am Twitter
@andrewnicolle 2 7th Feb at 11:16pm Twitter
@AaronBeReal 4th Feb at 5:40pm Twitter
@LiveQuartz 2 3rd Feb at 8:05pm Twitter
@_austinryder_ 1 3rd Feb at 7:53pm Twitter
@1317crew 2 3rd Feb at 7:05am Twitter
@ArtHandlerApp 2 31st Jan at 5:29pm Twitter
@andrewnicolle 1 31st Jan at 4:40am Twitter
@Roman_Stirskiy 1 26th Jan at 8:37am Twitter
@julian_praest 1 25th Jan at 1:49am Twitter
@tunabelly 4 24th Jan at 6:59pm Twitter
@andrewnicolle 1 24th Jan at 4:57am Twitter
@StormeApp 3 23rd Jan at 11:23pm Twitter
@eaglefiler 10 23rd Jan at 9:58pm Twitter