iOS App Store 2 days

Mac App Store 7 days

iOS App Store

2 days

Based on 44 reviews in the last 14 days.

Rolling 14 Day Trend

Mac App Store

7 days

Based on 5 reviews in the last 30 days.

Rolling 30 Day Trend

This site is only made possible by people like you contributing review durations. Please contribute your latest review.

What is this? This site tracks the average App Store review times for both the iOS and the Mac App Store using data crowdsourced from iOS and Mac developers.

Who is collecting this data? We are Shiny Development. We created this site in the hope that it would provide some useful information to developers around the world. We also run iOS Dev Weekly, a weekly email with links to the best blog posts and articles from the world of iOS development. If you are interested in the data here then it is likely that you will find something of interest in iOS Dev Weekly each week. You should subscribe!

Where does this data come from? This is not official Apple data. It is based only on anecdotal data gathered from people posting their latest review times on Twitter and using the #macreviewtime or #iosreviewtime hash tags. For people that would prefer to remain anonymous when submitting their review we also allow direct submissions of review times.

Can I be notified of the numbers automatically? Yes. The @appreviewtimes account on Twitter and the @appreviewtimes account on will each post once a day with the latest averages.

How do I contribute data? It's simple! Just post to Twitter or with the time it took for your last app review and include one of the hash tags (see above) along with a number of days. Just the hash tag and “X days” is all that is needed at a minimum but including the app name/link is also good. Please don't post the number of hours. See this example tweet for inspiration. If you'd prefer you can directly submit your review time. Please do continue to post your times, this site is useless without constant data.

Should I include the “Waiting for Review” time as well as the “In Review” time? Yes. Include the full time from uploading your app and going into review right through to a “Ready for Sale” status.

Should I include weekends? Yes. Apple review and approve apps over the weekend. Bless them!

Should I include expedited reviews? No. Expedited reviews are a special case and this site is trying to capture the average standard review time. The same applies if your app “needs additional time in review”.

What if my app was rejected a few times? Don't worry! Relax and make yourself a nice cup of tea, it happens to everyone! :) For the purposes of this site that would count as multiple reviews, just tweet or post the last successful review time.

How accurate is this data? The averages on this site are based only on the data gathered from the community which are a very small subset of the total number of apps which go through review each day. However in our experience it does give a reasonable indication of how review times are changing over time.

How is the average calculated? The average for each day on the graph is calculated using a truncated mean average based on historic data (Using 14 days of data for the iOS store, 30 days for Mac). The current number of days average is simply the latest data point from that graph rounded to the nearest whole day.

How current is the data? The system has collected 51558 data points since being switched on but only those reported recently are actually used to calculate the averages above.

Can I sponsor this site? You sure can! The sponsored link on the right hand side of the header can be sponsored on a month by month basis. If you're interested, just contact us for more information on price and availability.