DraftKings Announces Live Streaming Feature For Sportsbook App

Last week, DraftKings announced plans to add live streaming as a feature on the Draftkings sportsbook app. The new feature, which will be powered by Sportsradar, comes amidst a flurry of competing sportsbooks apps that have launched similar live streaming features.

Although DraftKings Sportsbook already offers live betting, players previously had to rely on frequently updated odds and play-by-play reports (rather than live streaming) as their betting guides. The addition of live streaming is likely to make live betting more popular on the app, as real-time footage is more engaging and enticing for time-sensitive bets.

However, it’s possible that the sportsbook’s interface will require significant updates to accommodate the new feature. DraftKings is already one of the largest in download size among mobile sports betting apps. A live streaming update will expand the storage requirement even further.

Sportsradar And DraftKings Sportsbook Partnership For Live Streaming On App

Sportsradar, established in 2001, is one of the biggest global providers of sports data intelligence. The company is no newcomer to the sports betting industry, and is well-suited for a partnership with another industry giant like DraftKings. Players can expect a high-quality live streaming service to come out of this partnership.

How Will The New Live Streaming Feature Work?

DraftKings users will first need to log into their active account and maintain a wallet balance above $0.00. When they meet both criteria, they’ll be able to live stream games directly to their app screen.

Users can expect live streams for most of the sports offered in the DraftKings roster (over 100 leagues). Even Korean Baseball and Bundesliga Soccer will be available for live streaming. Only users in Iowa will have a more limited selection of sports due to legal hangups in the state.