Bet365 Sportsbook App 2020 – Get $100 Free Site Credit Bonus

The mobile sports betting scene has taken off in the US, with more and more states legalizing online sports betting and other forms of online gambling. While there are plenty of domestic sportsbook operators in the US, we’re also seeing a rise in sports betting apps emigrating from other parts of the world.

One of the best European-based mobile sportsbooks is Bet365. As it happens, it’s also a recent addition to New Jersey’s online sportsbook catalog. New York is not far behind, and it’s likely that other states will allow Bet365’s sports betting app sooner or later.

Bet365 is a fantastic app for several reasons, but it’s primarily well known for its phenomenal European and professional US markets. Its also known for its ability to live stream most major events. Indeed, the app broadcasts thousands of matches per year.

Combined with a solid opening bonus and plenty of withdrawal methods, this app is one that most sports betting enthusiasts won’t want to miss. Let’s take a look at this app in even greater detail.

What States Is Bet365 Sportsbook App Available In?

  • New Jersey

As you can see, the Bet365 Sportsbook hasn’t yet managed to spread beyond its original launch state since it entered the US a few years ago in 2018. However, it has a deal in New York through Empire Resorts and is expected to launch there sometime in 2020. If COVID-19 continues to delay things, however, this may be pushed to 2021.

Beyond New York, other states like Colorado, Indiana, and Pennsylvania may end up offering Bet365 in the next few years. As with New York and New Jersey, Bet365 will need to strike up a deal with brick-and-mortar casinos to serve as a land-based anchor for their operations. For now, Bet365’s progress is slow going.

Opening Bonus At Bet365 Sportsbook

How Does The Bet365 Sportsbook App Bonus Work?

The Bet365 Sportsbook opening bonus is incredibly simple in comparison to the bonuses offered by other mobile sportsbooks. After you finish the sign-up process, you get $100 in free site credit that’s applied to your account immediately after you play through your first deposit amount. Basically, if you make a $10 deposit minimum, then bet through that $10, you’ll get another $100 credited to your account.

Be aware, however, that you’ll need to manually claim this bonus on the app interface. Look at the “My Offers” section to find it after playing through your initial deposit. Otherwise, this is an easy bonus to acquire since it doesn’t require a bonus code. The bonus also expires, so be sure to fully claim it.

How Good Is The Value From The Bet365 Sportsbook App Bonus?

The value of this bonus is average. Other mobile sportsbooks sometimes offer opening bonuses valued up to several hundred dollars in site credit. However, there are also plenty of other offers that are lower. All in all, it’s a decent opening bonus that can help you get the ball rolling even with a low initial deposit to your account.

How Does Bet365 Sportsbook’s Bonus Stack Up Against The Competition?

The Bet365 Sportsbook opening bonus is fairly competitive, though other European-based sportsbooks like Unibet offer better opening bonuses with a potential value of more than $600. Still, there’s a lot to like and the simplicity is a refreshing change.

However, there is also the fine print to consider. For one, you need to make your deposit within 30 days of registering. Any qualifying wagers have to settle within the same period. Furthermore, one part of your bet selection has to be at -500 odds or greater, and you can’t cash out until you play through the amount. These do place some limitations on otherwise decent opening bonus.

What Do Other Players Thing Of Bet365 Sportsbook?

What People Like

  • Many people praise how easy it is to use the Bet365 Sportsbook, claiming that “almost all games are covered in the upper and lower leagues.”
  • Others also appreciate the number of markets, saying that Bet365 has “more markets out of all of its competitors.”
  • Some like that the app has “no lag” and is “easy to navigate.”

What People Don’t Like

  • Some people don’t like the app’s customer service, calling it the “worst customer service” they’d ever had.
  • Others had noted that recent updates have caused some issues with lag, stating that now there are “screen freezes” and that the “interface is clunky now.”

How To Download The Bet365 Sportsbook App On iPhone/iOS

Downloading the Bet365 Sportsbook is pretty straightforward on iOS devices.

  1. To start, go to iTunes or the Apple App Store, and type in “Bet365 Sportsbook.”
  2. Then click on the appropriate icon, which will lead you to a download page.
  3. Click “Get” or “Download.”
  4. The download should start immediately (as should installation).

How To Download The Bet365 Sportsbook App On Android

Google normally doesn’t allow gambling or mobile sportsbooks to be downloaded on their proprietary Play Store. However, in a reversal of normal circumstances, you can download this pretty easily if you have an Android device.

  • Visit the Google Play Store’s Bet365 app page.
  • Click “Download” – the download should begin automatically.
  • With an Android device, you may be asked to change your permissions so that a .apk file can begin installing on your phone.
  • Once giving the file permission to install, the installation will begin automatically, and you’ll be set in a few minutes.

Bet365 Sportsbook: Play On Desktop Versus Mobile

Most players will find the Bet365 Sportsbook interface on both mobile and desktop devices incredibly simple and intuitive.

Ultimately, the experience between both formats is largely the same and mostly positive for most users. The app emphasizes speed and user convenience, while the browser platform offers a more comprehensive betting experience with more information on a single screen.

Mobile App

The mobile interface, in particular, is very straightforward when it comes to navigation. Placing a wager or altering your decisions can be done in just a few clicks or taps with your finger.

The app also allows you to view your betting history, view your account, and even access online casino games all from the same main screen. In-play betting is also available for any mobile user. Even more importantly, the interface doesn’t suffer from much lag or stuttering compared to many other major mobile sportsbooks on the market.

Markets and wager options are displayed in a vertical orientation compared to the desktop screen, which offers much more space and an expansive selection of sports and games on the left-hand side. Furthermore, the mobile app organizes all of your options by match instead of by wager type.

Interestingly, this app doesn’t use betting slips. Instead, there’s a pop-up you can engage by clicking on a banner at the bottom of your screen. This may take a little getting used to but it operates essentially the same way as a betting slip, requiring a press instead of a swipe with your finger.


The desktop is organized in the reverse way, which can be a bit confusing. Switching between platforms is, therefore, not entirely smooth. But this isn’t enough of a downside to turn most away.

Perhaps most important of all, you’ll be able to take advantage of live streaming on desktop as well as the mobile apps. This is critical to make the most of the in-play betting opportunities that the Bet365 Sportsbook offers.

What Sports Can You Bet On At Bet365 Sportsbook?

US Professional Sports At Bet365 Sportsbook

As one of the leading European-focused mobile sportsbooks, Bet365 offers an impressive array of international and US sports options. It also offers a plethora of different wager types.

Normal wagers like moneyline, futures, totals, and parlay bets are all available, as are point spreads. The parlay bets are particularly interesting since Bet365 Sportsbook provides special parlay bonuses.

Basically, these parlay boosts can range from 5% to 70% of the total payout amount. As a parlay bet gains more legs and becomes riskier, your total payout also increases. You’ll be able to take advantage of parlay bonuses on multiple sports in the US and Canada, European basketball, European soccer, and tennis.

Just keep in mind that parlay bets can only be applied when you select several legs of the wager and instruct the Bet365 mobile app to combine them into a single parlay bet. This is a little user intensive and complex compared to the interfaces offered by other mobile sportsbooks. Fortunately, bet365 does offer a tutorial that shows new players how to do this.

There are plenty of US professional sports to enjoy, including:

  • NFL.
  • NBA.
  • MLB.
  • NHL.
  • football (soccer in America).
  • tennis.
  • golf.

Markets can range from dozens to hundreds depending on the exact sport, with most markets hovering around basketball, American football, and soccer.

US College Sports At Bet365 Sportsbook

There are also a few college sports available at the Bet365 Sportsbook, including American football and basketball. However, these markets usually only number in the dozens and are not the main attraction for this mobile sportsbook.

International Sports At Bet365 Sportsbook

The international sports offered here are truly impressive, both in terms of total market number and league variety. Available leagues include:

  • Australian rules football.
  • cricket.
  • football (soccer).
  • cycling.
  • tennis.
  • Rugby League and Union.
  • golf.
  • Euro-rules basketball.

Again, this serves to demonstrate how the Bet365 mobile sportsbook emphasizes European sports much more than many other America focused apps on the market right now. 

Esports Betting At Bet365 Sportsbook

There aren’t any esports wager opportunities with this mobile app at the moment. This isn’t unexpected since most mobile sportsbooks don’t support esports betting quite yet. This may change soon.

Other Sports Available At Bet365 Sportsbook

There are also other leagues you can find markets for using the Bet365 Sportsbook. These include:

  • MMA.
  • darts.
  • boxing.
  • motorsports (i.e. NASCAR, Formula One, etc.).

Ultimately, Bet365 Sportsbook offers a good spread of wager types, bonuses, league selections, and more. We think the focus on parlay bets, and the potential huge winnings gamblers can enjoy, will make this mobile sportsbook a favorite for serious European bettors. 

Three Best Features Of Bet365 Sportsbook

The Bet365 Sportsbook offers several major features that make it an attractive option as a primary sports betting platform.

Live Streaming And Live Betting

The first of these is certainly the combined live streaming and live betting functions. With this app, you’ll be able to watch your favorite games from the comfort of your mobile phone or desktop computer right as they are broadcasted.

As you watch the game, you’ll be able to place in-play wagers right from the same screen. It’s exciting to place bets as odds fluctuate right before your eyes. There’s a dedicated in-play section that makes locating the most popular sports for these wagers a breeze, even for new players. You’ll find a ton of different markets available at any given time. The live streaming is also lag-free in most cases.

Early Cash Out

Like many other top-tier sportsbook apps, Bet365 offers an early cash out feature. In a nutshell, this gives you more control over each individual wager and lets you exit a bet when it looks like things aren’t going your way. You’ll be able to exit entirely or partially depending on your estimation of the odds, and you can do this for single bets and parlays.

We also like that you can automate the cash-out feature so you don’t even have to think about it. It’s a perfect tool if you plan to spend the day making tons of wagers and don’t want to keep track of individual odds and bets.

Bet365 Mastercard

The last most notable feature for this sportsbook is the Bet365 Mastercard, which allows you to get instant access to your funds (you can withdraw your winnings right to the card).

You can also use the card as a regular debit card or any other prepaid Mastercard. Of course, that includes using it to fund your betting account. It’s a perfect feature for those who plan to make the Bet365 Sportsbook their main sports betting platform.

There’s plenty more to mention, as well, including a “Bet Builder” feature that lets you create a personalized bet on soccer games. You’ll have to try the app out yourself to get a full understanding of everything it has to offer.

Can You Also Play Casino Games On Bet365 Sportsbook?

Yes. The Bet365 Sportsbook also features an online casino that you can access right from the main sportsbooks screen. You’ll find a typical selection of casino offerings including slot games, table games, poker games, and some live casino games to round things off.

This casino is more than just an add-on, however, and features hundreds of titles, plus separate bonuses and promotions for its most active players. One of these promotions is a $200 welcome bonus.

Most of the Bet365 online casino games feature excellent graphics and smooth gaming experiences. As with the main sportsbook interface, the mobile app is smooth and slick, and locating your favorite games doesn’t takes too long. Overall, it’s one of the better online casinos you can enjoy in New Jersey.

FAQ: Bet365 Sportsbook App

Does the Bet365 Sportsbook also include a VIP program?

Not at this time. However, the Bet365 MasterCard offers some great perks.

Is Bet365 Sportsbook available in the Google Play Store?

Yes. Unlike most mobile sportsbook apps, Bet365 is available in the Google Play Store. The reasons for this aren’t exactly clear, but take advantage of it while you can.

How old do you need to be to place a bet at the Bet365 Sportsbook?

You need to be 21-years-old to sign up at Bet365 Sportsbook. While Bet365 itself only has an age limit of 18-year-old, New Jersey’s legal gambling age is 21-years-old.

Is the Bet365 Sportsbook a legitimate app?

Yes. The Bet365 Sportsbook app has been in business for quite some time and primarily operates in European markets. With the launch in the United States, the app underwent serious investigation to ensure monetary responsibility. Plus, the app still has to abide by US regulations to operate in New Jersey and future states.

Do you need to make a deposit initially to make a wager with the Bet365 Sportsbook?

Yes. While the Bet365 Sportsbook does offer an opening bonus, you have to make a $10 deposit or greater in order to take advantage of it.

How can you withdraw your winnings from the Bet365 Sportsbook?

There are a few different ways you can withdraw money from your Bet365 Sportsbook account, including:

  • the Bet365 MasterCard.
  • cash at an associated casino cage.
  • online banking.
  • PayPal.
  • Skrill.
  • Visa or Mastercard credit or debit cards.

Overall, Bet365 offers a large variety of withdrawal options in comparison to competing mobile sportsbooks.